Expat Kitchen Solutions: Cheesecloth



We have been wondering where to find cheesecloth in South Korea for a while.  We gave up on finding the real thing and started looking for a local solutions, hoping to find one that was readily available, affordable, and easy to work with.  If it had been a snake it would have bit us in the asp.


Hemp Tofu Cloth

As it turns out, South Koreans weave amazing hemp cloth that they use to strain their tofu, and - well - it's everywhere you look.  We picked up ours at the local outdoor market, but it's in nearly every grocery store and kitchen store you come across.  

To top it all off, it's spectacularly effective.  In fact, we ended up with almost no loss during the cheese making process, thus ending up with 1/3 more cheese.  Cheese didn't get caught up in the fabric at all.  Then it easily slid off into it's container. 

Currently we are reeling a little overwhelmed by how much easier it is to work hemp tofu cloth.  It feels like it must have been a dream.  Tomorrow we are just tossing our old, traditional cheesecloth.  This is far superior in every way.  Ug, where has this been all our lives?

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