The Expat Pantry :: Why You Need A Korean ddukbaegi


Easy No Fuss Chocolate Fondue

So I can talk for days about why this little pot is one of the only things you need in your kitchen, but all I really need to says is, "Perfect, easy, no mess chocolate fondue that stays melted while you eat it." 


A Korean ddukbaegi pot.

So how does it work?  These little monsters are like tiny dutch ovens.  They heat evenly and hold that heat well for a prolonged period of time.  This means you can sit and lazily enjoy your rich chocolate fondue without clumping, burning, double boilers or keeping that stupid little candle lit.

Plus, this little baby can be used for a plethora of other foods (click here for 5 Great Korean Recipes) as well. Put simply it's just a practical thing to have in your kitchen that turns everyday into fondue day.

So here is what you do.

Place the Korean ddukbaegi on the stove over a low heat.
Add a little veggie oil to the bottom of the pot (we use olive oil).
Add a bunch of delicious chocolate to the pot.
Stir carefully and slowly as chocolate melts.
Eat with fresh fruit of your choice.


This little clay pot will stay VERY hot for a while so don't grab it with your hands.  No really, its HOT.


  1. So you can use this over an open flame? I thought that was a no-no for earthenware--or is it really stone?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Our lives were fully consumed with some overly intense language classes and we have just come up for air. Yes, these are designed to be used over VERY high open flame. It's not a problem at all :) Just put a little water in the bottom if needed, never put them over the heat dry.