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A sample 3-4 person basket


Organic Home Delivery

**** Special update :: WWOOF CSA contacted us and let us know that you can order weekly organic baskets without bread!  The will add additional produce in place of these items. ****

After our time together at AsiO Gusto exploring Asia's magical slow foods, our friends at WWOOF told us they were thinking about starting an organic home delivery service.  We were over the moon as soon as we heard.  This has been something we were dreaming might happen.

They sent us our first sample box in December, and then a second one came in January because the first had a bit of trouble finding us in the mail.  The lesson being, don't always trust your landlord with giving you an accurate address.  Double check your details in Naver.

The box contained enough things for a few simple meals.  One of the highlights, which we weren't expecting, were the fantastic eggs.   We immediately decided we wouldn't us them for baking or dumping in ramon, instead we saved them for breakfast (which you can see below).  The fruits and veggies were also excellent, and the greens were especially top quality.  It's always a plus, for us, when our veggies arrive covered in the dirt they grew in.  It added a little bit of magic to the experience.

Our only issue came in the form of the bread and the "side dishes" that we received.  Since we are driven to cook, in large part, by our allergies and chemical sensitivities we were sad to see so much of our basket were things we couldn't/shouldn't eat and - well - we also thought the bread was terrible and can't recommend it to anyone.  It tasted like a dry flour paste and it definitely had preservatives in it.

In order to solve this issue, we contacted WWOOF and suggested that customers be allowed to request substitutions.  They said that they would consider it, but for now they recommended ordering the vegan delivery option in order to avoid receiving the breads and side dishes.  This is what we will do.  So instead of getting bread and omelet, we will get more produce.

Despite our issues with some of the products, we are very happy with our WWOOF CSA delivery.  We feel confident that WWOOF listens to its community and will provide some sort of solution for those of us that can't use the bread and side dishes.   We will let you know what there final decision is and what to do if there are products in the boxes that you can't eat.

Who Is It Good For?

This box is great for busy people who want to eat healthy and always have a little something around the house.  Unlike the grocery store, where you usually have to buy a Korean sized portion, these boxes come with a nice amount of food for two busy people.  The catch is that the box we received (that you see in pictures) was the 3-4 person option.  So I don't really recommend even considering the 1-2 person box if you are more than one person.  That's right, pass-go and proceed straight to the 3-4 person box.

If you aren't sure that this service is right for you, there is also the option of ordering one box to give it try.  I recommend this as the best place to start.  You can't lose with $40 of organic food delivered to your door.


Eggs Baked Over Tomatoes and Garlic
Topped with Rosemary Carrots
Garnished with Onion Bread

The great thing about this dish is that you don't need a real oven.  You can easily make it in a small toaster oven using tinfoil if you don't even have a pan.  We used this recipe from Whole Living.

Don't worry about making your eggs fit in the tomatoes though, it tastes just as good making a bed of medium sized tomatoes and cooking them only 20 min.  Then break the eggs evenly over the top of the cooked tomatoes before putting them back in the oven for 8 more minutes.  Maybe it's not as pretty, but it's crazy delish.

This recipe was so good we added it to our weekly breakfast routine.

Get signed up for organics from WWOOF CSA

Breakfast tasted like it was straight from the farm.


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