Korean Ginger Beer


Ginger Beer

Ever since we first had Jamacian Ginger Beer being made at our friend's , artist Meclina Priestly, we have been in love.  In Seattle there was plenty of it to be had, but not out here in expat-land, which is just silly considering how common ginger is here.  We thought, "This could be the best place ever to mix-up some of this much loved brew!" and we were right.


1. We don't have "fancy yeast".
2. We muse about making it 막걸리 style.
3. We love kimchi pots


We did a lot of reading on these blogs in order to make our Korean Ginger Beer Plan:

We made our brew using nothing but these ingredients mixed together in a kimchi pot that sat on our floor for three days.  It was magical.  Try at your own risk/reward.
  • Ground ginger root
  • Bakers yeast
  • Sugar (light and dark)
  • Lemon
  • Boiled water 
WARNING: This style brew is HIGHLY alcoholic drink with EXTREME caution. 
Things to consider before choosing a recipe:
  • Alcoholic v. Non-Alcoholic
  • Speed v. Flavor
  • Yeast v. No Yeast
  • Beer v. Ale
  • Strong v. Subtle



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