Where :: Kolkata, India

In order to make sure we knew what to try we first read 10 Epic Street Foods That Explain Why Kolkata is India's Gastronomic Capital. Then we completely ignored all of the advice to never eat Indian street foods.  We couldn't be happier with this choice.  The food was inspiring and exactly why we wanted to come to India in the first place. 

Growing a Community

With both cooks in the proverbial kitchen of learning cooking up a new language, we had not time for the actual thing.  In fact, we had not time for sanity or sleep.  Thankfully though, we did have time to help start a wonderful new online community called Expat Gardening In ROK.

This little group has grown faster than we could have imagine and it's filled with excellent advice and moral support.  It's done wonders for helping keep us honest this year.

In addition to finding out how to keep up your indoor or outdoor garden, you can also ask advice for finding your own little plot of heaven in the ROK.