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Goat Milk

Yah, yah, yah.  This is going a bit far right?  Do we really need to be hunting down free range, green goats milk on the outskirts of Seoul?  The answer for us is, "Hell, YES!!" because there are all sorts of reasons to use goats milk instead of cows milk

When we decided to make this change after seeing goats all over Korea, we had a little trouble finding it because we didn't know who to ask or where to get started.  However, once we did a little research we found that goats milk is all over.  For example, it is sold at many Homeplus and E-mart stores across the country.

It's also readily available at icoop stores (an organic food coop).  This is their website  We have one in Pyeongtaek and it makes the best organic pizza.

However, we are always trying to go straight to the source, so recently through a friend, we found a "Green Goat" farm about 30 minutes away from us in Pyeongtaek.  We LOVE this goats milk.  No strong flavor, very rich texture, and it makes the PERFECT cheese.  A much better quality than the cheese made with the goat milk from E-mart.  Although, we are still happy to use the store brand when we are feeling lazy.

Here is the contact information for the goat farm:
Hand Phone: 010-9853-5869
Office: 031-352-1100
Address: 평택시 청북면 고렴리 1061 번지

As an added bonus for visiting the farm, you get to go hang out with the goats.


  1. Hello, I'm interested in the goat's milk. You mention it's from a "Green Goat's Farm" -- does that mean it's organic? What do they feed the goats? I see the WWOOF logo in one of your pictures -- are they part of WWOOF?

  2. Hey nice find I am not far from there and just got into Artisan Cheese making just ordered all the toools to make cheese and controllers etc to make a cheese cave to age ......
    My wife is Korean so she will be making first contact soon and if it all works out in a few weeks when my tools arrive I can begin my cheese making journey,, thanks for posting this :)