We grew up in highly religious households where the Crockpot church potluck ruled supreme. Even now we can turn away from them. This is why we love having a great community church that always invites us to events despite the fact we don't attend the church. At first we thought they might eventually kick us out since we don't plan on ever showing up on on Sunday, but they have never said anything.  Maybe they haven't noticed yet, or are playing the long game.  Either way, we are thankful for being included since they remind us of home.

There were five chilies presented for our dining pleasure.  

I'd like to say we made a giant pot of amazing chili for this, but it didn't happen.  In the middle of all the studying and commitments, we forgot to purchase canned beans and/or soak the ones we have on hand.  Instead we brought a spiced up Filipino chicken dish and a giant pot of rice for the potluck section of the table.

We weren't the only ones who brought Filipino food!
I loved the Indian chickpea salad.
Almost like goulash 
In addition to all the delicious food we ate, we also gained a lemon tree.  The winner of the Chili Cook Off, and our friend of course, has a young son who will simply destroy his much loved plant if it's brought inside for the winter.  We have volunteered to try and keep it alive for the next 5-6 months.  We have never cared for a lemon tree before, so wish us luck!

After two weeks in a row of food gatherings, our hearts are feeling especially full. Food remains one of the most bonding and important parts of our expat lives.  It's the excuse we all need to be together.  You can catch a quick looking in the world of South Korean church potlucks in the video below.