A gift from a parent that would never fit in my fridge.


Our fridge is tiny.  Like, really tiny.  So one solution for making more room is... Are you ready for this?  Hold your breath, it's a big one.  


If you buy your eggs fresh from the market you don't need to refrigerate them.  What?  Yes, that's right.  We keep our eggs in the cupboard.

Honestly, few people outside of North America gives a rats ass about refrigerating their eggs because they buy delicious ones laid by real chickens on real farms.

So unclench thee buttocks, get thee to the local market, and leave those eggs out with wild abandon, (for up to two weeks) and you aren't going to die.

Don't believe me? Feeling like a pansy? Well, just google it why don't ya? Read all the arguments,and make an informed choice.

I find that I need the space in my fridge more than I need to be freaked out by rules created for industrial farmers for their frankeneggs.

If it helps you feel more confident, it's easy to tell if your eggs have gone bad.
Just drop them in water, a fresh egg don't float.

For that matter, if it floats we all know it's a witch.

Dear Deliciousness,

Before coffee, chocolate, or fruit tarts - you were there for me Sourdough Blueberry Pancakes.  You have never wavered.  Thank you for comforting me when I'm down, making weekends brighter, and providing continuity to a strange and wandering life.

Your sweet, tangy wonder wakes up my mouth and reminds me that there are adventures everywhere and that one persons "yuck" is another person "yum".

As you sizzle in the pan I smell the wood smoke and see the lamps flicker.  You are my sweetest and most sorrowful moments in one bite, most delightful Sourdough Blueberry Pancakes, I love you.

Hearts & Hugs,
The Expat Table


Sourdough Starter

First of all, ignore all the bullshit about needing special stuff.  It's sourdough.  You need yeast flour and water.  You will in the woods/boonies/boondocks/etc.  You don't need to feel all stressed out about having the perfect ingredients.  We have used normal water, yeast and flour our entire lives and loved the result. Lately we have been using this recipe from www.allrecipes.com.

Make your starter and wait.  Give it a week to get going and it will taste lovely pretty quickly.  Once you have your starter you are set.  You can have sourdough pancakes whenever you want.  We also make sourdough crepes.  A recipe we need post already.