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You might not know this, but Korea grows amazing figs.  Like super awesome extra delicious figs.  They are grown in Mokpo and every summer we love to head south to purchase some of these delicious delights.  It's not like they are a secret, Zen Kimchi and others have blogged about them, but it still feels life folks don't give them enough attention.  However, we feel Sir-Mix-A-Lot described them best when he sang:

I like big figs and I cannot lie, 
you other brothers can't deny, 
that when a vender flies past 
with an itty-bitty case 
and a round fig in your face you get some.  

Wanna pull up quick 
'cause you noticed that case was stuffed
deep in the back country garden
I'm hooked and I can't stop starin'.

Oh, baby, I wann get wit'cha
and take yo, picture
the expats tried to warn me
but that big fig you got makes m-m-me so hungry. 

Breakfast Figs v.1:

Toasted brioche topped with baked figs, butter, and red ginseng with honey.

Breakfast Figs v.2


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