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Red Ginseng with Honey

Recently we bought this on a whim.  It was surprisingly affordable and a pretty color which are two of the most important reasons to try a new food.  Plus, red ginseng tastes like dirt which seemed like an interesting flavor profile to mix with honey.

If you aren't familiar with eating red ginseng, our friend Norma Jean described it best as an angry carrot.  Its taste is unbelievably earthy and leaves you with impression you've been tricked into eating/drinking a mud pie that will somehow cure all your diseases.  Who knows if red ginseng is actually as helpful as they say, but it sure tastes like it.

That said, we kind of like things that taste a little bit like medicine and dirt. Kind of reminds us of the grit in our teeth after a gnarly day of motorcycles and mud. And, as it turns out, when you mix it with honey it's like kissing your hot boyfriend/girlfriend after said ride through the mud.

That's right folks, Red Ginseng with Honey tastes like dirt and kisses and we love it. 

Now, you can be a wussy pants and just put it on your toast, but we recommend a walk on the wild side.  We added it to our Raspberry, Blueberry Smoothies and it knocked our socks off by adding a sort of "garden fresh" flavor.  

Of course, don't go to crazy with it or it will taste like you are just licking the berries of the ground in your garden.  I mean, we did mention it tastes a bit like dirt.  Even delicious, tasty dirt has its limitations. 

This isn't everyone's cup-of-honey, but we love what we tasted and we will keep this in the pantry from now on.  


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