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Inspired by all of the wonderful readers that have found The Expat Table useful in their day-to-day lives, we've decided to start a new set of posts called The Expat Pantry.  Here we will feature new ingredients and utensils that we never want to live without again.  


Coconut Sugar (from the husk)

This sounds like such a fad.  I mean, honestly, do we really need another sugar on the market?  The answer is yes we do because this sugar will, quite frankly, change your life - especially if you are diabetic.  In fact, if you are diabetic forget every other thing you have been using and find this sugar because you're life really does depend on this kind of thing. (You know, after talking it over with your Dr and all that.  It's still sugar after all.)

Please note: We are NOT as excited about the coconut palm sugars.  These sugars aren't sustainable.  Sadly, this is what is available in the states right now.


With a dreamy glycemic index of only 35 and it's perfect behavior in baked goods, this sugar can replace every other piece of crap sugar and artificial sweetener in your pantry.  Not only that, you will eat cookies without crashing.  Your morning coffee no longer gives you "jitters".  It's like sunshine on a cloudy day for all of us that have had to hide from sugar all our lives.  (Of course, it's still sugar and not health food so don't go cray-cray.)

On top of that, it's a sustainable sugar with no artificial ingredients.

On a personal level, this product has changed my life.  Due to issues with processing sugar, I've never been able to enjoy deserts in the same manner as other people.  However, after discovering this sugar by accident (I just take new things I see home and try them).  I noticed that I was able to eat the cookies I made without getting sick.  That's when I started researching the product and discovered the low glycemic index.

This is one of those situations, like with olive oil, that we think the health benefits of the food make it reasonable to ship all over the place.  This is something that will improve the lives of many people many places and create better lives.  Plus, the production is much healthier, more sustainable than cane sugar.

Once again though, we are NOT as excited about the coconut palm sugars.  These sugars aren't sustainable!

In Korea "coconut husk sugar" product is easily found at Emart and Homeplus, as well as other grocery stores here and there.  It comes in two "colors" I've used both and like the equally.  When I cook with them and use them in my coffee, I don't notice much of a difference between the two.

Small sizes available as well.


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