Expat Food Swap


This is a group of loosely associated foodies working together to make life more delicious.  We love spending time in the kitchen and we want to share that joy with others who.  If you would like to be part of our little group fill out the easy little form we've provided to make it all simple for everyone:  This is the form.


We are not food service professionals.  This is a place of sharing, not selling.  Everything you swap will vary in taste, flavor, perfection.  These are homemade foods, not mass produced food stuffs.  The beauty is in the variety, the unpredictability, and the humanity of it all.  We aren't people who take ourselves to seriously and this is not a "western food only" zone.  It's open to every delicious thing you can come up with.


How will I know when the swaps are happening?
Participants are asked to contribute on a schedule that suites them.  We will use these to make an annual calendar of events starting in March.

How often will I need to swap?
You will be expected to participate in swaps at least 3 times each year.

Do I have to be present to participate?
No, you do not have to be present to swap.  However, you must provide product to be swapped.  If you bring it or someone else brings with with a list of what you want, that's just fine.  We can have your items shipped to you wherever you are in Korea.

How will we make sure the trading is equal?
We will work out a fair marketing points system for items.  When you bring your items you will be given a certain number of points that can then be used to swap for other items at the swap.  We are working on a cute and clever name for these points, but for now they are called points.


1. Don't be an ass.  
2. Give the good stuff.  
3. Respect the group.
4. Don't be high maintenance.
5. Be reliable.



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