The Expat Pantry :: Our Expat Kitchen, revealed


You might find yourself thinking, "I can't cook all this.  My kitchen is just too small."  Well, here is our kitchen.  This is where the magic happens.  Actually, half our kitchen is in the entry way and the other half is on the porch (or rumpus room as we call it).  We squeeze every last bit we can out of our little space and in return it loves us. 

Cooking here is delightfully simple.  We aren't overrun by excess we have what we need and only what we need.  Each item in our kitchen is important and used.  If it ever fades into disuse we pass it on to a new expat that needs it more than us.  It's a magic system that makes us cook even more than we did when we had a giant US kitchen.

Since our pantry is small it holds very few prepackaged foods, instead we keep it filled with the staples needed to make things from scratch.  It's nice to not have the space for crap because it keeps us from buying it.  Notice we can't live without our imported molasses and ketchup :) Everyone has their Achilles heal.

Here are all our cooking utensils.  We love that big red pot for canning and the two cast iron skillets are our pride and joy.  Sometimes we look at it and wonder if there is anything else we need, but this really covers it.

On the porch you will find our little fridge and our pride and joy - the oven. 

So there you have it.  This is the space we have.  These are the supplies we have.  We are very curious what other people have in their kitchens so feel free to send us photos at


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