A Chair At The Table: Spanish Fusion


Think locally, eat globally.  We believe that the world is at our doorstep if only we dare to step outside.

The Expat Table has been influenced by many things and many places.  With over 41 countries and counting, we've tasted and explored until our bellies and eyes were full.  Now we are settled down in South Korea and wish to explore and share what we have learned and tasted.

This May, in partnership with Come Together Korea, we will host the first of three meals which present Korean ingredients and traditional foods melded with global cuisine.  The food will be a delightful blend of what we expect and what we've dreamed of.  Sourcing our ingredients from local vendors, we wish to share the joy of discovering the global potential in our own backyard.

Please note: these events are hosted and presented by people who love food.  We do not own restaurants, stores or sell products.  We are simply a group of food lovers who love to explore and share the world and the cuisine around us.


Hosts: Come Together Korea & The Expat Table

Date: Saturday May 11th @ 6 pm

Where: Seoul (Exact location to be announced)

Guest Country: Spain

Location: To be announced  

Featured Guest: Rowan Chadwick
Read his article DIY Beer: Brewing a Fine Ale at Home

We are excited to announce that we will feature home brewed beer especially created for this event.  In addition, the brewer will be joining us to share his knowledge and stories of beer in Korea.  

Reserve Your Seat: 


All A Chair At The Table meals are priceless, however, contributions based on the ones experience are appreciated.  During each meal a vessel will be placed at the end of the table.  Guests are encouraged to contribute an amount equal to what the meal was worth to them. 

The more guest value the meals, the more often our volunteers and contributors will host them.  The funds will be used to buy ingredients, secure locations and otherwise present increasingly interesting meals.  The table will exist as long as it adds value the lives of those that participate and attend. 


We have saved a seat just for you.  It's not just the food that makes the meal, but the company we keep.  So pull up a chair and join in the culinary conversation.
What are your favorite substitusions?
How small is your kitchen?
What do you wish you had?
What have you found you can live without?
What's your favorite new ingredient?
 Share your discoveries with us and the world.   Join us on Facebook and celebrate global dining from a local perspective.


We source all possible ingredients locally.  Our buying begins locally with many of our ingredients sourced from surrounding farms, and our menu is limited to only three items which are from the global market place.


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